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About Us

Huntington Lighting was founded in 2017 when the lighting industry was pivoting from electrical industry towards electronic industry. With our members’ strong background in both electronic and lighting industry, our mission is to deliver not only quality luminaries and lamps but also the most cost-effect light. As we stand behind our line – We Bring Light to You – the entire Huntington team works closely with our partners and listens to voices from both sides of the supply chain to ensure our customers are satisfied with our service and products.

Our team includes lighting sales with more than 30 years of lighting industry experience, lighting maintenance managers with more than 30 years of experience in managing national accounts, electronic experts with more than 20 years of experience from different development segments, manufacturing professionals with world-class factories and a logistic team with experience in handling sophisticated supply chain needs.

Thanks to our various backgrounds and experiences, Huntington is committed to delivering both popular products in the market and new trending products for energy saving, decoration, lighting upgrade purpose etc., We understand our customer’s success comes in the priority position to make us successful. Huntington adapts to your markets, your channels, and your requirements. Huntington Lighting - We Bring Light to You.